doGooD Musings

I love new beginnings.

I love the end of the week, and the start of a new one; quarters of the year - and the best of all - I love the new year.

I say new year, you think resolution, right?

The new year is associated with personal goal-setting, and it seems everyone is eager to share their resolutions. We support New Year’s resolutions because they are usually made to improve our lifestyle.

Let’s work on improving your work-style in 2018. As a marketing consultant for small businesses, I have provided a simple checklist to help make one very important decision that is often overlooked every year, your marketing budget.

Make a resolution this year to do GooD business in 2018, start here:

10. Get a calendar in front of you ASAP.

9. Take time with your team to talk about the past year.

8. Know how you earned revenue in 2017 by actual percentages.

7. Search for every opportunity lost in 2017 to discover growth opportunities in 2018.

6.  Discuss the competition openly, and write down what makes you different.

5. Choose a local charity that aligns with your company values.

4. Do a brand check.

3. Take note of your current database.

2. Write down your revenue goals for 2018.

1. Dedicate 4-10% of your projected revenue as your marketing budget.

Having a marketing budget will help you plan. It is a simple solution to a big problem that rears its ugly head when you are not seeing your financial goals met. Each step you take from the list above will help clear a path to plan your marketing strategy.

If you need some help through this process, send me an email.