doGooD Musings

The Value of a Quarter


If you have felt marketing has been an emergency, you are not alone.

Creating a strategic marketing plan takes time and a commitment to milestones.

Training yourself to think of the year ahead in quarters is a valuable tactic to help stay on purpose, and realize success.


A strategic marketing plan values the year ahead, and the year behind equally.


The year behind you should have given insight into opportunities you might have missed; a roadmap where you succeeded and why. The year ahead of you is like luscious low-hanging fruit waiting to be plucked, but you must plan.


Do you have the collateral in place to help bring awareness to your business? Do your marketing tactics have clear call to actions that support your purpose? How will you nurture your current clients? How will you end this first quarter of the year so that you are prepared and fruitful in the next?


Take time this week to plan. Value the date today. Recognize we are closing in on the end of the first quarter of a significant year. doGooD.