doGooD Musings

Spinning Wheel

My high school graduation present from my parents was a CD player.

Accompanying this new treasure, my father gave me a Blood Sweat & Tears CD. This was odd, because I am from The Cure Era (I believe there is such a thing).

Spinning Wheel is still my favorite song from that CD.

The first lyrical phrase, “what goes up must come down,” can be categorized as basic physics.

Apply the same concept to your marketing strategy, and then consider your awareness tactics.

Your awareness tactics are the things you do to gain consumer interest about your business. These tactics have a reciprocating effect.

You could rephrase the concept in marketing speak:

Awareness is the motion phase of marketing. Your ability to sell is everything that happens on the way down. The next step should bounce back to you again, if you are GooD.

A lot less lyrical, but I warned you, I am bringing the unsexy back to marketing.

How many times have you tried to bring awareness to your business, and then felt deflated by your return on investment? Instead of spinning wheels, doGooD.