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What Motivates You?

Many, many years ago, I was once a young actress. Some folks are afraid to call themselves artists or actors because sadly it seems a subjective term. I am not one of those people. I was once an actress. I am an artist, and I love to encourage everyone to embrace their gifts.

It was Mr. B who taught me to consider my motivation. He wouldn’t ask me to speak my lines, he would demand I understood exactly what my character wanted every moment I was on stage, and especially off stage – to improve the depth of my character.

What a debt I owe that man. He helped mold my critical thinking skills, as a humanist, and of course, as a marketing professional.

Playing Jennie Mae in  The Diviners

Playing Jennie Mae in The Diviners

Creating a call to action is like writing a script; certain subtleties work with only certain people – actors and audience members alike.

When reviewing your marketing collateral, compare your motivation and your call to action. Does the presentation clearly define the very next step you want your audience to take?  

Motivation and call to actions are synonymous. Creating great work should be held to the same measure Mr. B demanded of his ensemble of actors. Be clear and concise, with emotional depth.

There are some stage terms that are coming back to me as I write this post. You wait ‘in the wings’ for your cue to enter the stage. I certainly believe that the best 'performers' are not waiting at all – they are the folks who are dissecting exactly how they will enter, and how they will exit, to get exactly what they want from the scene – and especially from the audience. I trust this is the same of great marketing collateral.