doGooD Musings

Photography Changed the World.



Have you ever considered how photography changed the world?

Even in my lifetime, from film to digital, photography has transformed our world. In the late 1800’s photography emerged through what is known as the camera obscura. It was widely used for painters as a tool to capture exact perspective in their paintings. It was a fascinating scientific discovery that included upside and backward analytical thinking for painters. The camera obscura was a historical milestone that spurred a major change in our ability to visually communicate.

In my humble opinion, what changed the world the most in the last century was the ability to share imagery. We use imagery as evidence, as memorabilia, as an art form.

How do you use imagery in your marketing to connect with the people you want to do business with? A great image will captivate your audience. Words become a blur, and the white noise quietly fades away.

Imagery is a significant marketing tool often overlooked until someone with an understanding of its impact is empowered to take the lead. I encourage you to review your website. Look at your collateral. Think like your consumer. If your imagery does not have emotive qualities, you are likely relying too much on logic, rather than the magic. There is an art to building the right ratio of magic versus logic. It starts with great imagery, and ends with results.